Reviews are quickly becoming the highest weighting factor for search & map results - and for good reason. Our consumer preferences are mainly centered on reputation, legitimacy, and customer experience. 

Businesses have a hard time generating reviews. We automate collection.

How it works
"Review Builder increased our Google reviews by 178% in just three weeks"  (David Clark, President)
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"They made the difficult process so easy now. I text the link to each customer. Works incredibly well."  (Jose R., Owner)
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"We disputed with Google for months over a few reviews. Review Builder helped us repair our rating from 3.2 to 4.8 stars in less than a month.  (Vicky, Salon Owner)
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"Over the last few weeks we've been getting 2x as many calls for new job requests. Our recent 5star reviews lifted us from the bottom of page three to the top of page two on Google."  (Perry L. Owner)
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