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The Power and Influence That Reviews Have on Small Service Based Businesses


Today, reviews are one of the primary drivers of sales. A majority of people rely on reviews to decide on whether to make a purchase or not. This makes it essential for service-based businesses to have reviews, and good ones at that.

While it may make you uneasy about allowing your customers to leave reviews about your business, you will be losing more business by not allowing them.


The Power and Influence of Reviews


Research has uncovered that 9 out of 10 consumers use reviews to make a decision about a purchase. Online reviews today are what word-of-mouth recommendations used to be. For small businesses, reviews provide the following:


  • The ability to reach a broader target audience

  • The development of a positive reputation.

  • The means to be found online when consumers conduct searches.


Consumers will frequently utilize reviews to determine the services that are being offered by a business, what the quality of those services is, and what the level of customer service is.


Reviews allow for people to write about their experiences with service-based businesses that provide trusted recommendations to others. When the reviews are positive, they can provide you with more customers than any paid marketing campaign could ever give you.


Review Builder Can Help


Review Builder can help your small business generate more five star reviews, which will increase your clout with potential customers online. You will receive an increase in customers who listen to what other people have to say about your services.


Thanks to a shareable and branded smart link, you can increase the number of reviews you receive from customers. Smart links can be sent via SMS or email, usually at the same time a customer receives their receipt or invoice. Once they click on the link, they will see your company's logo, as well as icons showing thumbs up and down. Customers also are asked how their experience was. The entire process is easy and seamlessly incorporated into your system.


There is a tremendous amount of competition today, so you need to demonstrate greater value to your target market. One of the most effective ways to do that is to receive more reviews from your customers.

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Reviews Build Credibility

In the era of smartphones, consumers conduct more research than ever prior to selecting where to purchase goods and services. And, as mentioned above, most of them trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Consumers turn to review sites to gain a better understanding of a business, so the more positive reviews you have, the better. These positive reviews will help instill trust within your business and solidify your reputation as a leader in your perspective field.

Reviews Help Your SEO

In order to appear in online searches, your business needs to have good SEO (search engine optimization) tactics in place. Online reviews play a big role in SEO, as reviews can influence where a business falls within search rankings. Google, for instance, gathers review information from many sites when determining where a business will fall in search results. Sites like Yelp and Facebook determine a business’s ranking based on overall rating and number of reviews.

Reviews Help Connect you with Your Customers

To stand out against competitors within your local community, it’s important to find interesting ways to connect with your customers. Reviews provide an avenue for doing just that. When a customer leaves a review, you can take the time to respond and thank them for taking the time to do so. This will also provide credibility to others who read the reviews and see your responses.

You can also learn about issues that you didn’t know existed this way. For instance, a customer might leave a comment regarding an issue they came across. You can then provide them with a solution to their problem, and hopefully turn that negative comment into a positive one.

Small businesses should embrace the power of positive online reviews. They can help customers learn more about your business so that in the future, they turn to you when they’re ready to learn more and possibly make a purchase.

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