We Build Your Stunning Wix Website 

In under one week you'll go from concept to design, to published website with The Review Builder. Not only will we create your Stunning Wix Website, but we will do the following for $200. 

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Website Creation


$200 Cost

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Publish to Google

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How Much Does Wix Cost?

The Review Builder is only affiliated to Wix as a Website Builder and Webmaster. Our Fee is $200 and includes site customization/creation, keyword optimization, and publishing. However, There are two other costs involved. The first would be the cost of your domain. We can buy this for you or you can buy it beforehand. We recommend that you use GoDaddy.com to buy all of your Domains, as they are a Wix Partner. The second cost is for whats called web hosting, which is provided by Wix. We can store your card on file and take care of this for you. The cost for hosting via TheReviewBuilder is about $168 per year. That goes to WiX.

What is a WixSite?


A WixSite is a website created through and hosted by Wix. These types of websites are highly customizable, easy to setup, and rich with color, detail, and integrations, like: video, social, web forms, etc. 

How Fast Can My Website Go Live? 

Once we receive your feedback on preferred colors shared images or videos  then it takes us about 1-2 days to create and go live. We allow you to give us feedback on any suggestions or changes. 

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See Our Work

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